Texture start

Here is a project that I got underway after being stuck. I got myself started by applying a variety of different textures with spackle, molding paste, collage.

I remember when I was a kid, it was so much fun to make things.  No one had to tell me to do it, I wanted to.  I just went ahead and did it! There was nothing holding me back, I didn’t worry about setting up  or making a mess–who cared?!? I got hold of an idea or challenge and just went ahead and did it. That I didn’t know how wasn’t even an issue, I knew that I could try different ways until I got it to work.  All in all, I was fearless!

Now as an adult, there are all sorts of things that stand in the way of creativity and, truth be told, we control them all.

Step 2

Next I added color, shapes & gels, somewhat randomly.

I’ve used all the excuses in the book- no time, don’t know how, what if I do “it” wrong, what if it doesn’t work, what if others don’t like it. I was scared! I have learned some ways to battle the things that keep me stuck. Let me share them with you.

1)  Take it in small steps! Create tasks that can be done in a short time period. Buy the equipment you need (notebook, paint, sketchbook, etc) and keep it organized so you can jump right in when you get even a small chunk of time.  For example, if you are making an art journal, perhaps one task is collaging, another stamping and writing, the third is embellishing with paint & art materials.  This way, it is less daunting and can get done even when time is at a premium.

2)  Make clean up easy!  Get a tarp (or I use large papers sheets) that is the size of your worktable.  If mess is a problem, this makes it easy & it’s reusable.

Layers of color

I kept on adding more colors. I couldn’t figure out what to do so I just kept going, trying more color and sanding back some of the texture.

3)  Challenge yourself! Don’t  worry that you don’t know how, you will figure it out! The answer is in doing it! And once you have figured out how to do, make, construct “it”, you will feel terrific! Giving yourself an accomplishable challenge and meeting it, will give you great satisfaction.

4)  Be fearless!  We are all afraid of failing but it is through the process of doing that we learn and we succeed.  Reframe your activity in your mind so that your project does not demand perfection.

Texture, color, layers

I continued adding layers of color, covering a lot of the light colored area. I tried looking at it upside down and sideways.

Perfection is the enemy! We need to be able to learn through trying, to go where we haven’t gone before in order to create something more wonderful than we ever have!

5)  Appreciate your accomplishment! Whether it is a new song or a rearranged room, take the time to look over what you have done and acknowledge yourself for that achievement! You did it!

Through The Ages

“Through The Ages” mixed media and acrylic on hard board 10″ x 10″
When I turned it, I discovered something unexpected–there was a gnarly, old tree! I didn’t know how it got there but there it was. Cool!

Now you have some of the tools I use to get unstuck.  Sharing them here lets me remind myself, so I will remember them the next time I get stuck. (Which will probably be soon!)  Post some of the the techniques you use to get unstuck in the comments below!


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