When you have two or more pieces of art hanging on one wall, they all need to relate to one another. This does not mean however, that they need to be the same size, color or even type of artwork.  They don’t even need to be framed in the same way. All they need to have is some relationship in your own mind.IMG_2006

When combining art to live together on one wall, one wants to avoid any clashes.  Just like you do in your wardrobe, you know that some styles, patterns and periods will not live together happily.  If you have works of art that you want to live together on a wall, you have to remember that they need to get along harmoniously with one another while each can hold its own separately.  Here you see two pieces in my home that I like, both separately, but even better  together.

A work of art has the personality just like a person does. If that personality is overpowered by the others around, it will feel weak and not hold it’s own in your room decor. They can relate stylistically or the relationship may be based on color similarities or on framing likeness.


Looking a bit hinkey because the alignment is jumbled.

Or perhaps, the pieces hang together because they all relate to other elements in the room setting as color, upholstery and other decoration.  In this case, the two pieces-a pastel painting of an interior and a vintage poster from my grandmother’s storage room- relate well to the sofa above which they hang.  However, there is a discordance with them and the furniture to which they relate. This is because they align with neither each other nor the furniture on the same wall.  Whenever you are hanging artwork, alignment is key.  Here the two pictures hang at different heights and the painting at left goes past the left side of the sofa, while the poster hangs higher and nowhere near the right side of the sofa.  It made my eyes hurt just to look at them.

However, when I raised the height of the painting to line up with the top of the poster and centered the pieces on the wall over the sofa, I let out a sigh of relief.  The whole wall all presented a cohesive, complete image.

Realigned and living happily together!

Realigned and living happily together!

Do you have any artwork hung in your home that could do with a realignment?

"Bird Of Paradise"  pastel on paper, matted and framed $695

“Bird Of Paradise”
pastel on paper, matted and framed


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