I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation lately.  In fact, for the last several months, my work has been undergoing a transition.  Now, experimentation is good because it stretches your mind, your capacity and your capabilities.  It opens creative channels that did not exist before and may send you exploring whole new avenues of creation.  Of course, inherent in any experiment is the possibility that what you are doing may not work or that it will be something will turn out in a way that is wholly unexpected.  I have been experimenting with a number of techniques, not all of which come out wonderfully.  But we all know that sometimes we learn more from what does not work than what does.

It’s not hard to find new techniques; there are lots of books demonstrating how to use some material for art in an unconventional way.  I have pored over books by Patty Brady like this one, “Rethinking Acrylic” .  I took inspiration from Lisa Cyr’s “Art Revolution” and had lots of fun with suggestions from “Surface Treatment Workshop” by Duran-Wilson & McElroy.  Just can’t wait to try their shaving cream paint technique!


“Ghost of Love Lost” 8″ x 8″ acrylic/multi media $150-

With a sense of exploration, I embarked on the small (8″ x 8″) gem, “Ghost of Love Lost.”  It was an adventure in process.  I began by adding texture to the canvas, troweling and stamping into it, then covered the canvas in aluminum foil, conforming to the textures below.  Many layers of acrylic paint went on before I collaged the transfer that I created of the “ghost.”  I stamped a letter onto paper that I tinted and then burned the edges.  I applied acrylic “skins”, collaged the heart, tinted rice paper and the rose that I painted and cut out.  This “spooky jewel” (still in my Dia de los Muertos mood) is power-packed with original approaches.

Does knowing how it was made interest you?


About karenfriedland

I am a visual artist-- painter, sculptor, photographer-- coloring the world. My travels take me to many places around the world and I love connecting with others at home and on my trips. I am also a teacher (art), business person and creativity and business coach. My website is: www.ArtistKaren.com. I am so glad you have visited my blog!
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  1. Teyjah says:

    Hi girlfriend. Hope this New Year allows you even more exploration. I miss ya!

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