A couple of days ago was the International Day of the Woman.  I was lucky to sit in on the art history class of Professor Maya Jimenez as she talked about a woman pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Hatshepsut (1508–1458 BC).  She ruled for 22 years, having inherited her throne from both husband and father.  She was one of the most successful rulers establishing trade networks, thereby building the wealth of the eighteenth dynasty.  Yet, statues of her show her with head and chin piece as her male predecessors, depicted as a man.  She had to go a long way to prove herself.

We women have a long time before our equality is assured.  Those of us who were involved in the rise of feminism recall a different time, even though our daughters don’t.  Dame Judi Dench brings us up to date. 

Today, as I see the many artists in the New York area listings on Facebook and LinkedIn, they are overwhelmingly female.  Perhaps there is only one man for every 8 or 10 woman artists in my totally unscientific observation.  Yet, men are widely represented in galleries, professorial positions and command consistently higher prices in auction sales. I will profile, in future entries, exceptional women artists.  We must continue to work for equality.

Where do you see inequality?

“GUY”  acrylic  11″ x 8″Guy  11" x 8"


About karenfriedland

I am a visual artist-- painter, sculptor, photographer-- coloring the world. My travels take me to many places around the world and I love connecting with others at home and on my trips. I am also a teacher (art), business person and creativity and business coach. My website is: I am so glad you have visited my blog!
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4 Responses to DAYS OF WOMEN

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  2. cccpk says:

    Sorry to hear about your ankle, Karen.. Get well soon!

  3. I love that vid with Judy Dench narrating…OO7 never looked so good! Thanks for the history lesson, that is really interesting to know. I hope we see each other in person this spring…
    Take care!

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