Collage #7 artist painted papers 9" x 6"

Traveling with great frequency is certainly fun but it also means being away from the studio.  For many years I have packed art supplies and brought them with me.  Sometimes I even schlepped various sketch pads, drawing and painting materials as my carry on.  Invariably there would be another passenger next to me, thereby making it almost impossible to do any art.  So I would take the course of least resistance and read my book.  I get a lot of reading done on trips.

One time I was able to make art on a trip was when I followed the recommendation of Marilyn Hughey Phillis.  Marilyn is an inventive watermedia artist with whom I studied several times.  She told me she takes collage materials with her and creates art with paper and glue.  This was before tightened airport security so she was able to take scissors with her.  Flying to China gave me lots of time to make art with paper; luckily I rip it and don’t need scissors.  I completed several pieces on that visit, one seen above.

During my recent trip to Florida, I wasn’t able to sleep one night (strange bed, strange place) and decided to put the time to good use by making this drawing.  At 6AM, after it was done, I went to sleep.  Better than an ambien.  What do you do when you can’t sleep?

SLEEPLESS, drawing in charcoal and conte crayon, 13" x 17"


About karenfriedland

I am a visual artist-- painter, sculptor, photographer-- coloring the world. My travels take me to many places around the world and I love connecting with others at home and on my trips. I am also a teacher (art), business person and creativity and business coach. My website is: I am so glad you have visited my blog!
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2 Responses to SLEEPLESS

  1. When I travel I carry my slim, lightweight Nook so I can choose among a hundred or so books, many of them free. When I can’t sleep I generally stay in bed and rest, running energy until my body feels balanced and then zzzz’s away. Love the collage. That’s a great idea for travel – could be very fun to tear paper and annoy my seat mates, LOL!

  2. Karen how good to hear from you. Thanks for the mention. One correction! I also tear my collage paper, but may have carried small scizzors at the time. Security rules have changed things so much. I’ve resorted to bringing a good, but not too heavy a book and it is remarkable the great books I’ve read doing that. The last one was E. O. Wilson’s Novel of all things about growing up and his love of ants. Well, I’m off to see the Descendants for my BD. Love, MHP

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