Session 2 on the Collage With Artist Made Papers was filled is more paper making and working on our landscape collages.  Lots of fun making all sorts of papers to supplement the paste paper we made last session.

Drawing straight from the tube and misting with water.

Drawing straight from the tube and misting with water.

Drawing with a candle. Resist.

Drawing with a candle. Resist.

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New Beginnings

Sometimes it’s hard to keep focused on my work.  My brain doesn’t seem to excel in this multi-tasking world.  One of the great ways I keep myself on target is through creativity coaching with my coaching partner.

Taking a stand!

Taking a stand!

Each week we check in with what has been accomplished and what is getting in the way of completing the tasks that I want to.  At the end, we take a stand that will move us into a context to reach our goals. Plus I commit to what I will accomplish in the next week.  Here are mine for this week.


Back in the studio, I have been working on a painting that I started before I left for Africa.

Canvas collage

Canvas collage

I have employed quite a bit of newspaper collage but most enjoyed collaging in an addition piece of canvas that I fringed and decorated with some purple glitter–just for fun.


It is still unfinished and I am not certain how to finish it.  It still waits for me in the studio, giving me a chance to reflect on it whenever I am there.  The shapes feel very oriental to me and I may a large Buddha form behind the other elements.  Stay tuned for its evolution.


While that painting languishes< I have begun another, inspired by my small letter series canvases.



Except where the little guys are 8 inches square, my new piece is 24 inches square.

canvas beginning

canvas beginning

I have glued newspaper around two sides of the canvas, added gesso and other texturing and applied transfers from the newspaper and magazine.  Just the beginning, it will be interesting to apply these same techniques and see how it works on a much larger scale.  Stay tuned.



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Yesterday I held the first of three sessions in my workshop on “Collage with Artist-Made Papers”. With this approach to collage, the colors, papers and imagery used are created by the artist herself. It has come a long way from cutting out pictures out of magazines and gluing them down on paper.
IMG_3371 IMG_3372 IMG_3374 IMG_3378 IMG_3387 IMG_3381 IMG_3389
Before you can get to the collaging, the actual gluing down, the materials that you will be composing with need to be created.
So yesterday was spent making “Paste Papers.” Paste Paper is a technique where pigment paint is mixed with a thick adhesive paste or glue and then applied to paper. It’s thick viscosity allows the artist to comb, texture and pattern the paper in many different ways, using a variety of implements including string, yogurt cups, bubble wrap, plastic forks and knives, and credit cards. Some of the papers had two applications of color giving greater depth and interest and liveliness to the patterns that were created.
Here are a few examples of the gorgeous papers that were made.  Fabulous material to be added to their artwork!
“The creation of an art collage from the soul is an inner journey that allows your soul to speak to you. Your soul’s voice can be heard through the images, feelings and insights that surface.”
        -Kathleen Carrillo

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Yesterday, after 3 months of trying to set up an appointment, I had a studio/home visit from the Executive Director of a local non-profit and her housing director. I have known her a long time & she did not let on what it was about. She walked in and said “I want this…and that & that & that!

They picked efficiently, gone in less than an hour, having selected 11 littlies & 21 other paintings, in other words, THEY BOUGHT 32 WORKS OF ART!!! The work will go in a new building of Kings County Hospital WAHOOO!  I am very excited!

This painting, Flower Forest, is one of the 32 paintings selected by CAMBA.

This painting, Flower Forest, is one of the 32 paintings selected by CAMBA.

I was so delighted, I shared this good news on Facebook.  Brenda Becker of Brooklyn wrote this comment “Great news for you, but also great (and rare) good news for patients–that they will be seeking care in an environment enlivened by the healing power of beauty and color instead of the generic awfulness that characterizes so many clinical spaces!!”

Thanx Brenda, for that nice comment.  It got me thinking about the effect art has on the space it populates and the affect it has on the people who see it.  We know that pictures of a particular theme will have an effect on the room.

When you, your family or guests come into a room, the art will have an affect on them and the way they feel when they are in the space.  We know that the predominant color in a space has strong impact on one’s mood;  how people process colors is intricately connected to emotions.  While we may not all respond exactly the same way, research has found certain reactions to colors.  Red will warm the atmosphere and it can bring energy, as it has been shown to raise respiration and blood pressure.  Yellow’s sunshiny effect can be happy in small doses but have the opposite effect when it overwhelms you.  The calm, serenity of the ocean and sky are conveyed by blue but too much or too dark can result in a chilly feel.  The upshot of green can be sunny relaxation.

If you have pictures depicting pastoral landscapes in a room, your room will have a calm, natural feel to it.  Paintings that have a lot of movement and action in them, give your room will have an energized feel.  Bright colors and pattern will wake you up and make you feel good. Beach and ocean scenes can transport you to a mental vacation.  Line and form can emote sensation, leaving us feeling calm, happy, chaotic or stimulated.

So the next time you bring art into your home, think about the mood you want and the ambiance you will set in that specific space. Not every work of art works in every room; let it speak to you about where it should be.  Then think about how it will make you and the rest of your people feel when they see it.  You can set the tone.

Archway - Morroco, 20 x 16, acrylic on paper

Archway – Morroco, 20 x 16, acrylic on paper

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We’re a crazy lot, we New Yorkers.  We’re always on the run, lots to do and not enough time to do it.  We’re creative too, being part of the most exciting cultural hub in the country.

I HEAR YOU! My students in the past have loved their classes but found it hard to fit all the sessions into their busy schedules.  So I have developed a series of workshops in the evening that won’t conflict with work or weekends.  

You will feed your spirit with creativity, challenge and achievement!  For the experienced artist, these workshops will help you break out of your box, to see a different perspective as you learn new techniques that will enrich your artistic practice.  For novices or those seeking your creative selves, these workshops will take you on an artistic journey with a watchful guide.  I will take you through art-making skills while affording you the opportunity to explore and express yourself.  You will leave judgment at the door and immerse yourself in the fast-paced joy of mixed media texture, printmaking and collage.

ImageIn OFF PRESS PRINTING you will learn unique ways to make exquisite prints without using a printing press.  This fast moving workshop will teach you many ways to make prints and will leave you with a portfolio of dozens of prints to keep as finished works of art or to use in collage.

March 11, 18, 25.  Click here to learn more

In TEXTURES IN PAINTING you will bring the wealth of texture to your art as you explore mixed media.  Numerous 


techniques in visual and dimensional texture will be
easy to remember as you will create sample boards, as well as a complete painting.  

March 17, 24, 31. Click here to learn more.

a8e0ea_07cfdfe58aca4bd99b3a94e965d5c0b0.jpg_srz_133_182_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzIn COLLAGE WITH ARTIST-MADE PAPERS you will design works of art using fabulous patterned papers that you have created yourself.  Learn an exotic technique called “paste paper” that evokes marbleized paper.  Color, pattern, line and texture will come together to create dynamic collage paintings.  

April 10, 17, 24. Click here to learn more.

Workshops are 7-10 PM for each of the 3 evenings, held in the Downstair Studio, in Prospect Park South, Brooklyn.  The price is $195 including all your materials. SAVE when you choose more than one workshop! 
Attend 2 workshops–get 10% off both!
Attend 3 workshops–get 15% off all!
Attend 4 workshops (including the Right Brain Business Plan,click here to learn all about it)– get a whopping 20% off all of them! 

All the workshops are taught by me, Karen Friedland. I have been an artist for more than 20 years and have taught students of all ages for as long. I love helping my students explore their creativity and to give them the tools to carry out their visions. By classes being limited to 6  participants, you will have all the personal attention and support you need.  If you have questions or feedback on what kind of classes you’d like, please email me at:  Grab your seat now as space is limited!  See you there!

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As I get ready to lead my first Right Brain Business Plan workshop in a while, I took the time to review what I was going to say and how it was going to go.  What amazes me is how powerful the process continues to be for me even though I am very familiar with it and have done the exercises a number of times.rbbp-lsc-badge-borderrbbpworshop200x200layers-1

I am so excited to be teaching this tonight. I love putting together the big vision, to take in what the meditation brings me. My visualizations take me to a future that I want to hold close to my heart and make a reality. Using images and words as metaphors for those visions helps make them tangible.  And let’s be honest, few things are more fun then cutting and gluing and making a book!



It is good for me to think about the core values that motivate me. These are the things that bring energy to my life and to any business that I would do. My values sometimes come out in word strings like play/joy/goofing around and intelligence/learning/guiding. Other times my values are one word statements: beauty, empathy, innovation, making connections, challenging myself. All these things are at the root of who I am and what I do.

Experimenting with Gel Prints

Experimenting with Gel Prints

Those are just the things that we will cover tonight in the workshop. I can’t wait to share it with the creative folks who are joining me tonight!

Tomorrow we will go through the rest of the workshop, taking the whole day to immerse ourselves. We will look at the business landscape, getting the word out there, creative cohorts and managing the moola.

Me with Zulu face paint in Cape Town, South Africa

Me with Zulu face paint in Cape Town, South Africa

All that awaits for tomorrow and I will report back to give you a picture of what that day is like as well.

What are some of your core values?

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At the beginning of the new year, we tend to reflect on what has been accomplished in the past year and even more clearly, we see where we messed up or let ourselves down.  This invariably leads to that annual exercise of making New Year’s resolutions. But how often have you kept that resolution?  If you are like me, it is just about never. So this year I urge you-don’t make any New Year’s resolutions!
In their stead, set yourself goals. While they may sound similar, they work very differently. When you make a resolution, it’s a statement laden with should space-space I quote I should exercise more” “I should lose weight” “I should study harder” “I should make more money. “. These are fine aspirations but you have no means to achieve them-they are pie-in-the-sky!Image
When you set a goal, it has very specific parameters. First of all, pick a goal that is achievable. Being as one slender as a supermodel may be just a dream but losing  ___ pounds is a goal.  When picking a goal, make sure you can quantify it. “I’ll work out an hour three times a week.” “I will make $10,000.”  These are goals that have been quantified.
Next, set a time frame. Now you can measure what you want to do and by when you want to do with it. It might even be useful to set benchmarks that you want to have achieved by certain interim dateS.  Figure out how you will achieve the goal. Will you join the gym? Have a sale? By a Kindle?
0K-you have figured out what you want to do, how you are going to do it and when you are going to do it by. How do you stay on track?  WRITE IT DOWN!  And post it someplace you will see it frequently. Put the dates in your calendar. Seeing it often will keep you on point.
Lastly, when you reach your final goal date, take time to appreciate your hard work and all you have achieved. Whether you reached your goal or not, I bet you have accomplished a lot. Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments!Image
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2013 has been an amazing year!  It was filled with exciting adventures and developments, the most dramatic was becoming a grandparent!  It is like becoming a parent in that it is an instant love affair with this tiny person.  Different, of course, in the fact that you know more of what’s going on, yet see them less. securedownload-1

My art, teaching and leading Right Brain Business Plan workshops have taught me so much as I have shared my gifts with many others.

But most of all, it has been a year of travel, with 11 countries, 3 continents, swimming in 2 oceans ( the 2nd one not the one you think) as well as 9 states.

Coast of Dingle, Ireland

Coast of Dingle, Ireland

In early winter, we voyaged to Ireland with the whole family, visiting our daughter on study abroad.

The summer progressed with visits to Vienna, Budapest & Amsterdam.






The Parrochia at night over Day of the Dead

The Parrochia at night over Day of the Dead


But the most daring trip, the one I call MY study abroad, was solo to Mexico.  I spent a month in San Miguel de Allende, studying Spanish and painting.

Street in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Street in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

It was my first major venture by myself, living on my own in a new country.  It gave me new empathy for what our college students go through.

More travel, this time to Africa.  All these adventures have been great and I look forward to being home in 2014 and building on what I’ve learned.

Wishing you all a wild, wonderful year in 2014!


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openhousesnowflakeCome see me and all the new work first hand, at my Holiday Open  House, 190 Marlborough Rd., tomorrow, Sunday, December 8th, 11:30AM-5PM.  Share a glass of wine & a sweet while we talk life and art.  The paintings are a discounted prices and I have handmade books, jewelry and notecards for original gifts.  This is a perfect time to add the beauty of art to your home!

"V"  Acrylic and collage on canvas  8" x 8"

Acrylic and collage on canvas 8″ x 8″

Visit the other 2 houses on Marlborough Road at our Holiday Open House to find gifts from more local artisans!  See you then!


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Serengeti Sunrise

Serengeti Sunrise

Now that you have spent Black Friday shopping or, at least, thinking about what you’d like to give–and get–this holiday, have you found anything really unique?  We all want to give that special gift that will stand out from the others and say “this one was especially for me.”  Not any easy task in this world of mass production.

What gift would be truly one of a kind?  A piece of original artwork!  To make it easier than ever to buy, I will offer you 25% OFF any of my original art!  This offer is good for onlythe next two days, so you have until Monday at 12 midnight to make your purchase.  Just CLICK HERE to go to my website: Select your art from the portfolios and send me a message by clicking “BUY ART.”  I will make sure your art gets to you right away!

This is also your opportunity to select a beautiful work of art for yourself at a very affordable price.  What a great way to bring this original beauty into your life and your home!  Save 25% by ordering by Monday!

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